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In business since 2009, our mission is to provide the best personalized leather, wood, and nylon products available. 

We are a manufacturer of pet products, carved wood signs, belts for adults and children and many other items. We are not a retail site selling products made by other companies. We make our collars and pet supplies from the basic raw materials to your customized order. 

Haigler and Wallace Company is moving to an incorporated company name. The new company is called Yeehaw Creations INC. 

Yeehaw stands for “Yee(“H“aigler “A“nd “W“allace). Becoming an incorporated company opens the door up for us to experience a lot of growth in the upcoming years. 

A little About Our Company’s Past

Below here are a few photos of signs that the parents of one of our company owners (and the author of this article) used at crafts fairs across the south eastern USA. 

These posters were drawn before computers and pcs were wide spread in homes like they are today.


At that time my parents company only offered two colors of collars. There was plain leather and the other one was oiled leather. The oiled leather collars were darkened with Fiebings dog collar oil, which is no longer available. 

The pet names were embossed into the collars like they are today, but the letters were not painted in with color. Because the collars had no coloring in those days the collars were made while the customers were waiting. Collars also included a brass collar mounted name plate. By reading the signs in the photo, it is clear that the brass ID plate was a big selling feature for the collars. 

In addition to dog collars, they also made leather belts, wrist bands, and they made some very nice old school style women’s pocket books. The Belts and pocket books were all dyed in the medium brown western style.  They sold very well also. 

Of course the collars we currently make cannot be made while the customer is waiting. This is because we color and coat all collars and paint the lettering. We even go to detail with the collar mounted brass tags. We polish, engrave and coat the tags to prevent tarnishing. 

We will make a separate page to describe collar product quality on this site in the near future. Check the menu at the top to see if this page is available.

About Our Current Company

Our company originated in the 1980’s with the parents of the current owners. They sold their products at various craft shows and market places across the south east for approximately 25 years. We inherited the “know how” and artistic attributes from them, and we adhere to the quality standards that they honored for the customers that they serviced. 

It was always their goal to be a “mail order company” as well as selling in person in public craft shows and market places. Before we tackled reopening their business in 2009, we made the decision to be a mail order and internet website company up front. We think this improves product quality, and allows us to customize the products we make to the customers’ requirements. 

Thank you for visiting out site. We will be adding extra features over the next few months, so come back regularly.

You can contact us at:
The Haigler and Wallace Online Store via email at contact@yeehawcreations.com. We are usually able to respond to email messages right away. 

You can contact us via written letter at. 
Yeehaw Creations Inc.
P.O. Box 2683
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