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Welcome to Haigler and Wallace Company Store

We have incorporated our company to become YeeHaw Creations Inc.

The Haw in YeeHaw stands for Haigler and Wallace and we will still carry our products as Haigler and Wallace Products in our new Company.

Manufacturers of custom-made products


Personalized leather dog collars is one of the products we make in many colors and sizes. We also custom make wrist bands, name belts, and pet leashes to your order as well. Many of our collars have collar mounted nameplates. See our side menu for a list of products. 

How We size Our Dog Collars

We sell all of our personalized leather dog collars and custom nylon dog collars by “Dog Neck Size Measurement”.
Collars are personalized Free of additional charge. 

Be sure to measure your pets neck size before ordering so that you get the correct and best fit possible.

For all medium sized dogs and large dogs order one of our standard size collars . These collars are designed to be strong so that they will be more durable for pets that pull more against leashes and safety chains. We normally install collar mounted nameplates to each collar in this size category, and these nameplated help dog owners to recover their pets in the event that their pet gets lost. 

For smaller dogs, order from the small dog collar menu. The small dog collars are made to be less bulky than the standard dog collars in the buckle area. This fits small dogs much better and makes the collar more comfortable for a smaller dog.

We are not able to fit a nameplate on really small dog collars or small dog collars with long pet names. Check the listing for your dogs neck size to see how much space there is for a pet name and if we can fit a tag onto the collar.  

Personalized Leather Dog Collars

Personalized leather dog collars display your pets name in bold print. Our standard size collar and many of our small size dog collars come with a free brass owner identification name plate that is attached to the collar. Each name plate is personalized with your owner contact information. This is usually your phone number, and may also include owner name, reward, ect. Our dog collars can be personalized further with our beautiful color selection and lettering outline color combination. This makes each personalized dog collar unique.

Personalized Leather Dog Collars are sold by neck measurement size. Each size listed under the “Personalized Dog Collar” Menu is a neck size. Collars have six adjustment holes. Three holes tighter than the neck size and two holes after the neck size. Nylon Dog Collars with name plates are sold by neck size too. Nylon collars have six adjustment holes like the personalized leather dog collars. Three holes tighter than the neck size and 2 holes after the neck size.

Personalized leather Small dog collars are sold by neck size. Small dog collars have five adjustment holes, two tighter than the neck size and two after the neck size.

Leather dog collars with attached name plates and nylon dog collars with attached name plates may hold up to three lines of text. We suggest that you have the contact phone number engraved onto the attached brass name plate, but you may also include your name (first and last) and your state. When ordering a collar, be sure to type all the information you would like engraved into the brass name plate into the phone number field on the order page of the collar you choose. You can use “commas” to divide the lines of print you would like engraved. Please do not forget to enter your phone number in the format you would like it to be printed. {example ### ### #### or ########## or ###-###-#### or other. We will print it like you enter it.}Every one of our dog collars is a custom made designer dog collar made to your specifications. We always use the highest quality supplies available for our products. All of our products are handmade upon your order. Leather Collars and Leashes are sold separately. A matching leash is available for purchase in our store for each collar color. Matching leads are also available in different lengths too. We make leather dog collars for the US and Canada and worldwide as long as English Language print for pet name and English Language print for the attached collar mounted brass name plate tag is desired.

Personalized Dog Collar Nameplate

On our leather dog collars, the collar mounted nameplate serves the primary purpose of helping a lost dog to be found. We don’t usually print the pet name onto the tag because we emboss the pet name in the leather itself. We suggest that the tag have the owner name and at least one contact phone number printed into it. This way the pet owner could be called in the event that the dog had become lost and then had been found. We have been told by customers in the past that the tag we made on the collars we make do work to get pets returned. Almost anyone can read the information on the tag. 


Personalized Leather Wrist Bands

We custom make designer wrist bands. You can choose what you want embossed into the leather, and personalize your leather wrist band with your choice of leather color and lettering outline color.

Personalized Leather Dog Leashes

We custom make pet leashes to match our dog collar colors. Our dog leashes are personalized with your pet name, phrase or saying.

Dog leashes may be personalized further with your choice of lettering outline color.

Personalized Leather Name Belts

We make personalized leather name belts to your order. Personalized leather belts may have your name, ball team, phrase, saying, or more embossed into the leather. Name belts are made from high quality leather and may be worn with any style of clothing. All are solid leather, and are not glued or sewn together. Name belts can be personalized further with your choice of outline lettering color.

Personalized Nylon Dog Collars

We make personalized Nylon dog collars that are personalized with your name, phone number, and state. Your personalized information is engraved onto a collar mounted brass nameplate. These collars are available in orange or blue. 

Heavy Nylon Dog Leashes

We make Nylon Dog Leashes in several colors. Nylon dog leashes come in many different lengths and are made from heavy nylon that is produced for horse halters. This nylon has tensile strength of 6000 lbs per 1 inch width. 

Carved Wood Signs

We Make Carved wood Signs for Wedding gifts, Christmas gifts, Birthday gifts, Anniversary Gifts, and home decor.   We also make “Private Drive”, “Private Property”, and ” No Trespassing” carved into cedar wood. 

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 Haigler and Wallace Company welcomes visitors to our new online store at Yeehaw Creations Inc. 

In our new store we carry many styles of custom carved wood signs.  We specialize in wooden signs made to order

Our Company makes custom family name wood signswood engraved name signsno trespassing signsprivate property signsprivate road signs and much more. 

We tried to add features to the listings that allow for easy customization of the signs we make. 

You can also customize personalized wedding gift signs at our new store. Back to Top

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